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NLP is a “magical” and effective tool to transform perception of experiences, resolve conflict and achieve positive results by uncovering one’s personal encoding mechanism. Its ultimate goal is to participate in the creation and installation of wellbeing and improving life by developing inner resources and new expertise.

What does it mean?

N for “Neuro”

“Neuro” is used here because all habits, programs and communication skills are coded and stored in your nervous system, your brain.

L for “Linguistics”

“Linguistics” …because the way to decode these programs is through the verbal and nonverbal language one uses.

P for “Programming”

“Programming” refers to thinking patterns, ways of analyzing and/or feeling that helped you and still allow you to adapt to your environment and the people around you. These programs are at the core of your life, your behavioral patterns and your habits.

Thus, NLP is the study of the sujective experience of individuals, the study of human behavior through perceptions, reactions and communications.

Richard Bandler and John Grinder, both psychologists, develop this technique in the 70s at the University of Santa Cruz, California. The ‘discipline’ that has emerged from it has the same philosophical and scientific cognitive roots as the human potential movement and transpersonal psychology.

Solutions and Resources

For over 30 years, NLP has served to develop tools, techniques and has been applied to fields as diverse as business, education, communication, therapy and personal growth. It became not only an alternative approach that facilitates the achievement of personal and professional goals, but also the discipline of maximizing the potential and understanding of the human experience.

For my clients, the NLP coaching is solution-oriented and focuses on the potential and inner resources of the person being coached – a winning solution for everyone.

Why Would I Need a Coach?

Just as you would hire a personal trainer to properly structure your training, optimize the benefits and stay motivated, or as you may hire an interior decorator to design a living space that suits you, it is wise to get the professional help of a coach to go beyond your negative limitations, maximize your potential, solve internal conflicts and work on your personal growth.

A coach is a facilitator that creates a safe environment in which you can explore safely new ideas, new perspectives, new directions and allow yourself to discuss various issues openly, without fear of judgment or critics while having access to useful tools that will allow you to move forward at a pace that makes you comfortable.

Is It for Me?

Although it may be tempting to believe that coaching is suitable for anybody, not everyone is necessarily ready for this approach.

Coaching is for people who are willing to take action to bring about positive change and who see the value of having a “professional partner” to facilitate their transformation and journey.

Céline Benoit – NLP Certified Life Coach & Master Practitionner NLP*

*Trained at NLPU @ UCSC (University of California - Santa Cruz) - with Robert Dilts & Judith Delozier - former colleagues of Bandler & Grinder.
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