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Céline Benoit


Certified: PNL - Consulting Hypnotist

Yoga Instructor

Sivananda certified

Tao Singer-Dancer-Musician

Certified: Tao Academy

Parallel to a career in the corporate world, Céline has accumulated training in several alternative approaches, and to this is added the discovery of several wisdoms of the world. Throughout his career, she has access to a wide range of tools to make possible the emergence of creative solutions by creating a space that allows more openness and clarity to progress towards the realization of the full potential of individuals or teams.

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What is NLP and Why Are Life Coaches Using It?

What is NLP and Why Are Life Coaches Using It?

Feb. 5, 2017 by

NLP is a “magical” and effective tool to transform perception of experiences, resolve conflict and achieve positive results by uncovering one’s personal encoding mechanism. Its ultimate goal is to participate in the creation and installation of wellbeing and improving life by developing inner resources and new expertise.

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